Advert & Promotion



I can help you advance your disconnected or online business , start-up , workshop and so forth to my focused on blog perusers and you will get a decent esteem for your cash.

In case you’re intrigued, promotion arrangement is charged on a month to month premise which is per advertisement space, contingent upon the measure of your promotion standard.

Pennant Promotions Position on

125 x 125 advertisement flag = N4,000 ($15) every month

120 x 240 advertisement flag = N6,000 ($20) every month

300 x 250 advertisement flag = N8,000 (#28) every month

728×90 advertisement flag = N10,000 ($35) per month

120 x 600 advertisement flag = N12,000 ($40) every month

Content Advertisements

Get in touch with me for more data about the content advertisements.

All Advertisements flag show on all post pages on the blog, aside from 728×90 promotion standard which show on the landing page just and In the event that you pick in for 728×90 promotion pennant , you will get 300×250 adaptation of the banner displayed FREE on versatile perspective of the blog. .

You can run your advertisements for at least 2 weeks or a couple days in the event that you can’t bear the cost of it for a month Additionally, on the off chance that you decide on the 300 x 250 and 120 x 600 promotion flags, I will likewise advance you as another support through a blog entry.

For more request, please Mail [email protected]